KU Leuven

The University of Leuven is regarded as one of the oldest Catholic universities that still exist up to this day. Educational experts founded the University of Leuven in 1425. During that time, it was located on the centre of this historic town. In 1797, it was closed because of various events that transpired during the period of Napoleon Bonaparte. Eventually, the educators founded this Catholic university once more. During this period, the learning institution became a host to a vast number of controversies because of the historical involvements of the 1425 university.

It is during the year 1986 that the body of the institution decided to split the university into two parts. These are the French-Language Catholic University of Louvain and the Dutch-Language Catholic University of Louvain. The former was eventually moved to Louvain-la-Neuve, which is situated in Wallonia. Louvain-la-Neuve has since been known simply as Louvain. As early as the 15th century, this university has served as a major contributor, as far as the Catholic theology development is concerned.

During the 2014 and 2015 university-wide census, KU Leuven is already considered as the largest university that exists in Belgium as well as the Low Countries. Its student population of 55,484 people can greatly attest to this. Aside from the primary campus located in Leuven, the institution has already grown much to include the following satellite campuses: Brussels, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Aalst, Diepenbeek, Geel, Ostend, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, and Kulak or Kortrijk. These campuses also offer various programs in the English language.

The University of Leuven is not only widely known as an institution with a large population but also a learning place that boasts of high quality education. During the academic year 2015-2016, KU Leuven has been ranked as 35th in terms of the educational prowess and potential that it can offer. This is based from the criteria laid out by Times Higher Education. On the other hand, QS World University Rankings provided this with a rank of 82nd while Academic Ranking of World Universities gave 90th as its official ranking. To sum it all up, KU Leuven has a consistent record of being a worldwide topnotcher. It is even considered up par to the standards of Ghent University.